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Lake Powell

Lake Powell

For July 8th, 2020
Snowpack is 47% of avg
TotalPrecip is 84.00% of avg

Lake Powell is currently 477.91 feet deep at the dam
Water Summary
Today is day 283 of 366 for the Water Year 2020. We are 77% through the Water Year.
Last Reading: 3609.91 on Jul 7, 2020
Powell was last within 2" of this elevation on Jul 6, 2020
There are currently 4,145,235,210,206 gallons of water in Lake Powell!
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Elevation & Content Water Inflow Data Glen Canyon Dam Release Data
Lake Powell is 90.09 feet below Full Pool (Elevation 3,700)

By content, Lake Powell is 52.3% of Full Pool (24,322,000 af)
Total inflows for water year 2020: 5,805,276 acre feet

This is 66.43% of the July 7th average of 8,739,027 acre feet